Available for unlock by USA 3-star generals, Airborne allows the deployment of an airdropped special forces group through a Hercules and a Globemaster cargo plane which consists of Green Berets, Delta Force Operators and ATV Humvee(s) anywhere on the battlefield.

Level Description
Airborne fire team icon
Level 1
(Airborne Fire Team)
3 Green Berets + 2 Delta Force Operators + 1 ATV Humvee
Airborne squad icon
Level 2
(Airborne Squad)
6 Green Berets + 4 Delta Force Operators + 2 ATV Humvees
Airborne raid icon
Level 3
(Airborne Raid)
9 Green Berets + 6 Delta Force Operators + 3 ATV Humvees


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